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Healthy asset. Healthy performance.

A well maintained retail, commercial or residential asset is a healthy asset, and a healthy asset delivers a healthy performance to its owner. However, putting your asset in the hands of a property manager is not enough to ensure its health is maintained. Only a specialist and experienced asset manager, someone with the professional training, market knowledge and deep and detailed understanding of asset management can maintain your asset’s health for you. 

First Asset Management’s free, comprehensive and independent property health check will put you in the picture when it comes to your asset’s health.

Your asset’s performance might be meeting its budget targets. It might be tenanted; perhaps you’ve even had the same tenants long-term. Maintenance activity and costs might be meeting your expectations. However, some of the signs of an unhealthy property aren’t obvious, and sometimes it’s those least obvious signs that are the biggest hindrance to your success.

·         Could your property be performing better than it is now?

·         Could you be cutting costs?

·         Could you be capitalising on opportunities you’re missing now?

With the new financial year upon us, there has never been a better time to stop and take stock of your asset and its performance. First Asset Management’s free health check will not only provide a complete overview of the performance of your commercial property, it will highlight any performance or compliance deficiencies.

The First Asset Management team is also equipped to work on agreeable solutions with you. Our strategies will improve your property’s health now, and will help it to realise its future growth potential.

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