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Angelo Efstathis steps into the role of Leasing

Our October 2015 client survey results showed that First Asset Management once again performed beyond client expectations when it came to our asset management services. However, our clients reported that there was room for improvement when it came to leasing. 

“Our clients spoke, we listened, and made some big changes,” explained First Asset Management Managing Director Angelo Efstathis.

Commencing on the 18th January 2016, Angelo stepped into the role of Leasing on a full-time basis. This resulted in significant and immediate results in our leasing performance with over 18 properties across the First Asset Management portfolio now being leased, and there are a number of other deals in the pipeline awaiting finalisation.

“As Managing Director of First Asset Management, the responsibility for leasing ultimately rests with me,” Angelo added. “I also maintain, First Asset Management is not in the business of managing empty assets.”

Angelo and his Leasing Super Team, which includes Edward Vallis, Allycia Chant and Nicola Efstathis, have worked hard to return the agency’s leasing performance to levels that exceed client expectations. Angelo is working towards appointing an experienced Leasing Specialist in June to work closely with him. It will be someone who share’s the agency’s values and commitment to service excellence.

These changes to our business demonstrate just how important our client surveys are to us. Our actions also make clear that we are genuinely committed to continuous improvement and always meeting our clients’ needs. So next time you receive a survey from us, don’t set it aside, complete it and return it to us. What you say could make a world of difference.